Uncle Kracker, you've got 15 minutes...

By Brian Hiatt
August 16, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. Uncle Kracker is to Kid Rock as… (A) Southside Johnny is to Bruce Springsteen (B) Dave Grohl is to Kurt Cobain (C) Keith Richards is to Mick Jagger (D) Phil Collins is to Peter Gabriel

Who was Southside Johnny? Dang, that’s a tough one. S — -. All right, I’ll do Keith.

2. Complete this sentence: After scoring a hit ballad on his first album, the rocker ______ on his sophomore effort.

This is some on-the-spot s — -! The only appropriate word would be ”flopped.” It just makes sense.

3. You’re Kid Rock’s DJ. In which of the following bands is the DJ most superfluous? (A) Incubus (B) Limp Bizkit (C) Linkin Park (D) Sugar Ray

[Instantly] Incubus.

4. Complete the following: Kid Rock will ______ if my new album No Stranger to Shame sells more than his Cocky did.

That’s a tough one, dude. How ’bout ”will still be rich”?