By EW Staff
Updated August 16, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Crikey? More like cranky! Outraged Road to Perdition fans (#663, July 19) dropped their jaws at the high marks Lisa Schwarzbaum gave to a certain croc-wranglin’ Aussie. ”EW says Perdition rates a B while The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course gets a B+,” notes Brooklyn’s James Benzinger. ”I just saw Perdition. Crocodile Hunter must be one hell of a movie.” TV watchers wrestled with their feelings over the star-searching American Idol. ”The proliferation of reality-based shows is an insult to those of us who appreciate creative and original ideas on television,” says Don Pawl of Lake Villa, Ill. ”The networks should show a little more diligence in developing fresh ideas.” And frustrated moviegoers saw the bright side of the Oscars being moved to February. ”Now maybe studios will release good films from August to November,” says Laurel Springs, N.J.’s Matt Thomas, ”instead of saving them up for Christmas Day.”

On the ‘Road’

When I saw ”the year’s First Oscar Movie?” on your Road to Perdition cover, I nodded in agreement. Then I looked at the calendar and saw that it’s already friggin’ July! There’s a terribly low percentage of good films. Has the bar been so lowered by studios that people will be hard-pressed to find 10 films to put into their top 10 lists at year’s end? BRANTLEY AUFILL New York City

Last week Lisa Schwarzbaum thought John Sayles was too sloppy, and this week she rattles on about how Sam Mendes is too tidy (Movies). I pity Ms. Schwarzbaum’s poor housekeeper. CHARLES VON RONK San Francisco

Okay, EW, as a loyal subscriber, I’ve quietly tolerated my fair share of absurdly inconsistent movie reviews from Lisa Schwarzbaum. Well, I’ll be silent no more. Now we’re expected to believe that Road to Perdition ranks a mere B, while The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course earns a B+? I guess Steve Irwin and his animals should be clearing a spot on their mantel for some Oscars next year. JOE KERWIN San Diego

‘Idol’ Worship

In a season of reruns and forgettable shows, American Idol is fun and original, and Simon’s comments are just brutally honest (”American Grandstand”). You summed up the contestants perfectly! STEPHANIE LEE San Jose, Calif.

Fox cancels well-written, fan-supported shows like Dark Angel and Titus and unloads this Gong Show-reject dreck onto viewers with more hype and promos than the network ever did for the aforementioned shows combined and expects us to like it? In some ways, I am like Simon Cowell: When I don’t see good quality entertainment, I get cranky and rude too! I long for the day when American Idol fades from memory like the eventual winner. JAMES K. CHAMBLISS Destin, Fla.

I like American Idol as much as the next person, but I have had it with the bickering! If I wanted to see grown people fight I would hang out with my parents. Thank goodness for Simon. He actually has the nerve to tell the good from the bad without sugarcoating it. I wish the hosts and the other judges would give him respect for saying what they only wish they had the nerve to say. BECKY LEVY Brighton, Mass.