Find out what the guys of 'N Sync have been up to -- From appearing on the big screen to canoodling in a corner, we reveal what the ''Pop'' stars have REALLY been doing in their downtime
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It’s not often that one hears the name ”Justin” without it being followed by ”Lance,” ”Chris,” ”J.C.,” and ”Joey.” But with a much-deserved hiatus since the July 2001 release of their five-times platinum ”Celebrity,” the guys have been keeping themselves busy sans bandmates. We thought you’d want to know what they’re up to. Especially since the last time they were spotted together, Joey was being crushed by a Chili’s cargo box.

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BORN Jan. 31, 1981, in Memphis, Tenn.

NOW HE’S… Timberlake is in the studio working on his debut solo album, set for a fall release on Jive. And when he’s not working, Britney’s ex is playing…with ”Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.” Janet and Justin (who are collaborating on a single for Timberlake’s record) were reportedly spotted locking lips in a Miami Beach club. Maybe People’s Most Eligible Bachelor of 2002 will bring his new leading lady when he performs publicly for the first time without his band, Aug. 29 at the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall (but don’t bet on it). The group is up for three prizes, but Timberlake isn’t having much luck lately — he lost twice at the Teen Choice Awards. He was nominated for Choice Male Fashion Icon (Brad Pitt took the award) and Choice Male Hottie (Josh Hartnett walked away with that one).

HE SAYS ”Right now I want to enjoy life.” Timberlake adds that he wrote his new songs to reflect his growing independence. ”I’m throwing it out there, seeing what happens. I’m testing the water, man.”

WE SAY As independent as this 21-year-old claims to be, he always seems to be surrounded by a bevy of beauties. This could work to the benefit of his upcoming record; in addition to Jackson, Alicia Keys and Jill Scott will reportedly lend their voices. What, no Britney?

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LANCE BASS (James Lansten Bass)

BORN May 4, 1979, in Laurel, Miss.

NOW HE’S… After months of speculation, Bass is on track to be a member of the Soyuz crew bound for the Russian international space station in October. Cosmonaut training began in July at Star City, Russia, located just outside of Moscow, where Bass also recently underwent surgery to correct an irregular heartbeat, on the off chance that it would hinder him in space. Unfortunately, fans’ hearts didn’t skip a beat for Bass’ buss with ”On the Line”’s Emmanuelle Chriqui. The couple lost Choice Liplock at the Teen Choice Awards to Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst’s upside-down ”Spider-Man” kiss. Bass was also nominated for Choice Hissy Fit for ”On the Line,” but the yellow surfboard went to Ben Stiller in ”Zoolander.” It’s just as well — the astro-not’s acceptance speech would have had to have come via satellite, anyway.

HE SAYS While in training, the guy who said ”let’s just say the doctors know more about me than I know about me” hopes to become ”quasi-fluent” in Russian. ”I can’t wait to learn a new language. It’s going to be difficult, but I’m looking forward to it.”

WE SAY If this teen idol hopes to still have a following upon his return to Earth, he’d better set that rocket for hyperspeed before he’s forgotten (see Vanilla Ice, Debbie Gibson, and Jordan Knight). On second thought, the TV show set to chronicle his outer-space exploits might do the trick of keeping him fresh in the minds — and hearts — of his fans.

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JOEY FATONE (Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr.)

BORN Jan. 28, 1977, in Brooklyn, N.Y.

NOW HE’S… This New York native is in town to play Mark Cohen in ”Rent” from Aug. 5 through Dec. 22. But if a Broadway ticket is out of your price range, you can catch him on the big screen playing Angelo in ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” He’s also set to appear in the upcoming film ”The Bros,” directed by Jonathan Figg. When not in front of the camera, Fatone can be found behind it — he just directed the video for Luis Fonsi’s (a Latino artist who opened for a leg of Britney’s tour) first English-language single, ”Secret,” and the home-video footage that he shot when the quintet was just starting out is now available online, as ”The Reel *NSYNC: The Early Years.”

HE SAYS Joey told Teen People this summer that he and the guys are ”going to be writing more music [post-hiatus], coming out with another album, probably next year.”

WE SAY A role in the breakout indie-film hit of the year, a starring role in a long-running Broadway show, and a choice directing gig? That just might make him the ‘N Syncer most likely to segue into a real movie career.

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CHRIS KIRKPATRICK (Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick)

BORN Oct. 17, 1971, in Clarion, Penn.

NOW HE’S… Being very hands-on with his clothing company, FuManSkeeto, which has appeared on ”The Sopranos” and ”Boston Public.” When not working, Kirkpatrick is also very hands-on when it comes to his other favorite subject: girls. He’ll be joining Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s ex, pop princess Willa Ford, to cohost the Miss Teen USA pageant in Texas Aug. 28 on CBS.

HE SAYS The budding mogul told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in July, ”I enjoy trying to inspire myself. I enjoy the artistic side of everything. Music, art, fashion, everything. I just like to be on the cutting edge of it. I’m into designing houses and interior design. I like change. I like creating things out of nothing.”

WE SAY As befits the founder of ‘N Sync and the oldest of the group, Kirkpatrick seems to be making the most mature decisions about a post-boy-band career. And good thing, too — anyone seen that new Mohawk he’s sporting?

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JC CHASEZ (Joshua Scott Chasez)

BORN Aug. 8, 1976, in Washington D.C.

NOW HE’S… Writing and producing. Besides penning four songs for ”Celebrity,” he’s written tunes for such minor acts as ”Pop Stars 2” winners Scene 23 and has produced songs for Tony Lucca’s upcoming album (Lucca opened for ‘N Sync and is now on tour with Marc Anthony). More recently, he was in Orlando shooting hoops for ‘N Sync’s Challenge for the Children IV, on July 27 and 28.

HE SAYS Chasez told CosmoGIRL! in February: ”I’ve been quoted as saying that girls come second, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I’m married to my best friends. My work involves four of the closest people in my entire life.”

WE SAY Writing/producing could be this guy’s ticket out of Candyland, but all work and no play make JC a very dull boy indeed. We suggest that he rethink that ”married to best friends” stance and join Justin in his seemingly frequent club crawls.