Pam Anderson isn't a crime-fighting stripper. She's just drawn that way. previews TNN's upcoming series ''Stripperella'' to find out what creator Stan Lee and Co. have in store for America
Pamela Anderson, Stripperella
Credit: Stripperella: Stan Lee

Not to worry. Even though Pamela Anderson has said she’ll take a year off from work, you’ll still be able to catch her doing the weekly grind as Stripperella, an animated exotic dancer/superhero created by comics legend Stan Lee (”Spider-Man”). ”Stripperella,” based on Anderson and voiced by the actress, will be part of TNN’s new lineup of mature-audience cartoons, beginning next April. To find out what you can expect from the racy new series, spoke with the show’s creators. (Note: Only two scripts have been written and nothing has been filmed, so if some of these details don’t make it to your TV, keep an eye out for them on the DVD director’s cut!)

THE SHOW With animation directed by Kevin Altieri (”Batman: The Animated Series”) and writing by Nickelodeon alums Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert (”Kenan & Kel,” ”All That”), ”Stripperella” promises to have a gritty, rock-video look, more jokes than you’ll have time to notice, and all the action one stripper can handle. Music will be an important element in each episode, and — though no cameos have been cast yet — keep an eye out for guest appearances by many of Pam’s rock star friends.

THE STORY During each half hour, Stripperella (a.k.a. Erotica Jones, mild-mannered exotic dancer) will face challenges like the evil plastic surgeon Dr. Cesarean, who has been installing nitroglycerin breast implants in her ecdysiast friends — to explosive result. The local strip club will also be the setting for the (slightly) more down-to-earth personal stories in which Erotica/Stripperella helps fellow dancers like Persephone, who’s in a tumultuous love triangle with conjoined twins.

STRIPPERELLA’S POWERS In addition to uncanny limberness, the buxom heroine will have a host of special crime-fighting abilities. Her ”hair-a-chute” is a ‘do that allows her to float to safety from great heights. And her patented move, known as ”scissor-ella,” involves squeezing someone’s head with her thighs until he’s unconscious. ”Some guys would probably PAY for that experience,” admits writer Seifert.

The show’s creators have also given her some handy ”gadgets,” like a lie-detecting chest (put your hands on it and she knows if you’re telling the truth) and an under-the-tongue scanner (she can lick anything to send a digitally captured image back to the computer). We’re not making this stuff up. Honest.

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