Osbournes take in teen pal whose mom died of cancer. Sharon says Kelly's friend Robert will become a de facto part of the family and appear on ''The Osbournes''
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The Osbournes, who know all too well what it’s like when your mom is stricken with colon cancer, are taking in a family friend, a teen whose mom died of the disease last week, Sharon Osbourne tells the New York Post. Robert Marcato, whose mom was treated to round-the-clock nursing care during her final days at the Osbournes’ expense, will move in to the metal clan’s famous mansion; be treated to room and board and ultimately, a college education; and of course, appear on the upcoming season of ”The Osbournes.”

Marcato, who has already appeared on the MTV series a few times in his capacity as Kelly Osbourne’s friend, has known the family for six years, having first befriended elder daughter Aimee (the one who sat out the show last season). ”He wants to go to drama school, and we’re sending him to the best drama school we can find,” Sharon Osbourne tells The Post. ”Right now, he wants to stay home in L.A. because he’s a bit insecure because he doesn’t have any family. We want to get him secure here, then we’re going to take our time to pick the best college for him. Robert will be a part of the show as ‘Baby Osbourne’ — even though he’s 18. We’re moving him in as part of the family.”

Marcato’s mother, Regan, was just 36 when she succumbed to colon cancer. Sharon, who is fighting the same disease, and who intends to show her own chemotherapy treatments on ”The Osbournes,” tells the Post, ”I’m doing OK, I’m fine,” she said. ”I’m so happy — three [treatments] down and 22 to go. I can kick anyone’s ass right now!” Besides, she adds, ”When I look at somebody like Regan, who didn’t have the resources I had, what the f— have I got to complain about?”

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