Connery, Ed Burns evacuated during Prague flood. The Vltava River overflow has caused 50,000 Czechs to flee and halted productions on two Hollywood action spectacles

Among the casualties of the worst floods in Prague in a century are two Hollywood action blockbusters currently filming in the Czech capital. According to the Hollywood Reporter, ”A Sound of Thunder,” which stars Edward Burns, had to evacuate a set on an island in the Vltava River, and two sets on Sean Connery’s ”The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” were damaged. Plus, Connery had to evacuate the Four Seasons hotel on the bank of the river.

Since flooding began Tuesday, some 50,000 people have evacuated the city, and seven Czechs have died; compared to that, a production halt on a film certainly seems minor. ”It’s nothing drastic; we had to change the schedule and evacuate the set,” a ”Thunder” spokeswoman told the Reporter. The film, based on the Ray Bradbury short story, is about a time-traveling hunter who visits the distant past to pursue dinosaurs.

Damage to ”Gentlemen” sets was more extensive. A submarine set was submerged under 5 feet of water, and another set under construction outside the city was washed out as well. ”We don’t yet know the full extent of the damage on these sets,” said a production spokesman, ”but the shooting schedule will be affected by the flooding. ”Gentlemen,” based on the Alan Moore comic about a team of famous 19th-century literary adventurers, is due to shoot around Prague for the next few months.

Prague is a favorite location for Hollywood filmmakers, for both its relatively inexpensive labor and its Old World look (it frequently doubles for the London or Paris of a century or more ago). Much of the current ”XXX” was shot there. But since Tuesday, domestic and foreign film and TV production has ground to a halt. Even industry schmoozing has been impeded; the first floor of Kampa Park, the industry-hangout restaurant near the Four Seasons, is under water.

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