What's up with the reused storylines? Carrie a fashionista? Charlotte desperate? Samantha feeling sexual guilt? We've seen it all before, says Jessica Shaw
Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City
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What’s up with the reused storylines?

Was this week’s episode of ”Sex and the City” one big product placement or was it me? Within what seemed like two minutes, the show was already pushing Macintosh computers, Krispy Kremes, Weight Watchers, and Amazon.com. Who’s getting paid off here? And whoever’s getting paid off is spending too much time spending the payoff to actually come up with a good episode.

This week seemed like reject storylines from former ”Sex and the City” episodes got glued together to form something or other. Sam, uh, getting intimate with a delivery guy? So season 2. Charlotte feeling desperate and Miranda overeating? Very last year. Carrie’s whole getting in touch with her inner fashionista? We’ve seen that a gazillion times before. There wasn’t anything even remotely new to take away from this episode.

I sort of get that the writers are going for a whole ”friendship means not being judgmental” theme, but the individual storylines were abrupt, uneven, and inconclusive. Charlotte ordered a book and then what happened? Was there any Weight Watcher sex fallout? Since when does Sam feel sexual guilt, and how about exploring that impromptu Richard breakup before giving Samantha a major shift in sexual conscience?

And Stanford? The guy’s been AWOL for half a season. What happened?

Well, at least we know there are going to be some love interests for these storyline-desperate ladies. Bring it on, because those morning diner breakfasts are getting a little too bland to listen in on.

How do you think the season is going?

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