What's up with Emmy's treatment of ''Survivor''? CBS' hit was relegated to the catch-all ''special class program'' category
Survivor: Marquesas
Credit: Survivor: Monty Brinton/CBS

Why is CBS’ ”Survivor” nominated for a ”special class program” Emmy with the Eye’s ”I Love Lucy” retrospective and TLC’s ”Trading Spaces”?

Seems the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences considers it separately from ”The Osbournes” and ”Frontier House,” both up for Outstanding Non-Fiction Program (Reality). ”You might describe it metaphorically as the orphanage,” says ATAS’ John Leverence, noting that a show falls in the catch-all group ”if you cannot find a home somewhere else…or if you might be eligible for one or more categories.” And there needn’t be a sole winner, he says. ”People are told to vote yes or no, whether it should win an Emmy.” (Send queries to Burning Questions@ew.com.)