It may be coincidence, but Steven Soderbergh’s Full Frontal seems to play off the life of one of its performers. After all, Julia Roberts portrays an actress who ends up with Brad Rowe’s movie crewman — a plot that mirrors the Pretty Woman’s offscreen romancing of her new hubby, cameraman Danny Moder. But at the L.A. premiere July 23, the stars sidestepped the parallels. ”It was kind of an awkward time,” said Rowe of last fall’s shoot, when Roberts’ life began to echo the script. Questioned about the similarities, the actress said, ”Would you ask any other recently married woman that?” And while she playfully dodged personal queries — ”I’m not that interesting,” she swore — the Oscar winner did lobby for special placement on ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s next Power List: ”I don’t want to be No. 1. I’d like to be No. 83. How do I get to be No. 83?”

Full Frontal
  • Movie
  • 101 minutes