So much for head-nodding. Men in Black II’s cover appearance (#662, July 12) did not fill the mailbags with much affirmative reaction. ”MIBII irritates me so badly that when I saw Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones on your cover,” writes Tyler J. Mays from Boise, Idaho, ”I tossed the whole thing in the Dumpster and now have to go a week without my EW fix because of one moment of (anti)passion. Yet another way those two men have found to ruin my day.” Our plug for Frank the pug also left dog lovers snarling as they fear a dalmatian-like explosion. ”The average pug snores and snorts constantly, sheds enough hair each day to fill a garbage can, and will not speak to you in a New York accent,” warns Pensacola, Fla.’s Jennifer Ryan. ”This breed is extremely lovable and sensitive, but don’t let another 101 Dalmatians fad occur.” Thanks for the spot-on advice.

Fade to ‘Black’

Upon reading your wonderful article on Men in Black II, I realized that the review and story on the movie were much more fun to read than the movie itself. Perhaps the stars and director should have goofed off a little bit less and worried a little bit more about resurrecting the same jokes with the same punchlines and hoping that the audience would be too stupid to notice. LEONID FELGIN Alpharetta, Ga.

Your cover headline ”Big Laughs, Bigger Aliens, and the Year’s Biggest Deal” implies that the movie is great. Turning back to the review, I see the movie only scores a C+. Did the producers pay you for the cover advertisement? DEBRA BARCHUK Dallas

As the owner of a pug from a local ”Pug Rescue” chapter, I can understand why pugs are the ”hot” new breed of dog: They’re cute, friendly, and often, hilarious. They are also stubborn and can be very hard to train, a fact that too many people discover after they buy into the hottest trend. Remind your readers that a pug isn’t the equivalent of a new purse — it is a 12- to 14-year commitment that will last long after you’re sick of watching your MIBII DVD. CANDACE CAVANAUGH BUEHNER Royal Oak, Mich.

Fortunate Son

Call me crazy, but I felt I learned a lot about privileged New York youth from reading about Nick McDonell and his debut novel Twelve (”About a Boy”). His father is the managing editor of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and his publishing house just happens to be run by a man who is a close family friend. If McDonell had gone to a publisher who did not have family ties, then maybe his debut could be viewed with less cynicism. Nepotism hasn’t run amok this badly since Tori Spelling. BEN LIEBMAN Gainesville, Fla.

Geek Love

Thank you very kindly for writing about Beat the Geeks (Television)! I am a passionate fan of the show and constantly preach its merits to all who will listen. My only complaint is that there were no pictures of the Geeks! JENN SCOTT Mount Pleasant, S.C.

A Brady Hunch

In Running With Scissors (Books, #660/661, June 28/July 5), author Augusten Burroughs makes a reference to The Brady Bunch and states, ”[I] would have cautioned Jan against that tacky bracelet that caused the girls to lose the house-of-cards-building contest.” Any Brady-phile knows Greg and the boys are the ones who lose the contest because of Tiger. Poor Jan — not only is her jewelry called ”tacky” (and it’s Marcia who wore the bracelet), but she gets blamed for something she never even did in the first place! PETER NEIL NASON Temple Terrace, Fla.