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Credit: The Jeffersons: Kobal Collection

The Jeffersons: The Complete First Season

Before the Hughleys, before the Huxtables, there were the Jeffersons. Created as an ”All in the Family” spin-off, ”The Jeffersons” became one of TV’s longest running sitcoms (1975-85) — and also one of its most resonant. Revolving around the lives of an African-American family who were ”movin’ on up” from blue-collar Queens to a deluxe apartment on the Upper East Side, the show, in its early years, nimbly mixed sitcom humor with biting racial commentary.

The Jeffersons: The Complete First Season, which invites viewers into the high-rise palace of dry-cleaning king George Jefferson (Sherman Hemsley), his levelheaded wife, Louise (Isabel Sanford), and their neighbors (an almost-unheard-of-on-TV interracial couple), includes 13 episodes that make for satisfying marathon viewing. There are no extras — a pity, given the show’s place in TV history — but for fans, this is a pretty tasty piece of the pie.

The Jeffersons: The Complete First Season
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