The Houses of MTV's 'Real World' Share an Address on the Web

Forget the rants, the tensions, the clandestine hookups. When it comes to MTV’s Real World, the crazy cribs rival the colorful casts in entertainment value. Said dwellings get their due at, a site for those who are less interested in who’s shacking up with whom than they are in the shacks themselves. ”The houses are the best thing about the show,” says webmaster Matt Shope, 25, a researcher at a San Diego real estate office. The site that Matt built is filled to the rafters with detailed sections on the past 11 seasons’ digs, plus previews of what’s to come in versions 12 (in Las Vegas) and 13 (rumored to be in Atlanta). All the info comes from Shope’s exhaustive Internet research — occasionally supplemented by his own interviews and photography. Visitors will also find links to articles, a chart detailing the status of the sites (did you know that the Chicago loft is being converted into a gym?), and a Q&A with Kurt, a guy who stayed in the Real World Hawaii house after filming ended. ”Recent years have turned me off the characters,” Shope says. ”Now I just enjoy the houses.” Like they say, there’s no place like home.