Austin Powers’ newest sidekick, Foxxy Cleopatra, is part Foxy Brown, part Cleopatra Jones, but she’s no ’70s-movie relic. As played by Destiny’s Child’s Beyonce Knowles, Foxxy has a thoroughly modern midriff. ”If you look back at those films…everything was worn to the waist,” says costume designer Deena Appel, who’s worked on all three Powers films. ”Even though it was sexy for Pam Grier in her day, if we had put Beyonce in the true waistline of the ’70s, you’d have thought she was your grandmother.”

(1) ”[Beyonce] is comfortable with her body-she didn’t come in saying ‘I wanna cover this up,”’ says Appel.

(2) Knowles spent ”at least a couple hours a day” in the hair-and-makeup chair. ”There were many layers of eyelashes,” says Appel. ”The Afro was definitely scripted. Mike Myers was in love with that image and that look.”

(3) The fox-head-and-tail necklace was designed by Appel’s brother and made by jeweler H. Stern. ”The single earring was something that I had picked up in a very obscure ’70s film. It just looked amazing with an Afro.”

Austin Powers in Goldmember
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