Six Days

Six days might not be enough time to figure out what’s going on in DJ Shadow’s “Six Days”: The video inexplicably combines underwater lovin’ with backward-sweeping clocks, a Bruce Lee-style fight, and an orgasmic tattoo session. Still, the song’s psychedelic lounge-pop melds hauntingly with the color-drenched images of director Wong Kar-Wai (In the Mood for Love). Unlike, say, Moby, the not particularly photogenic Shadow (a.k.a. Josh Davis) has the sense to stay off screen in the clip, the first from his new CD, The Private Press. Instead, the action is driven by the pretty pair of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Chang Chen (the bandit who stole Zhang Ziyi’s heart) and Asian model Danielle Graham (above), who are pictured at the peak of a romance (the aforementioned aquatic kissing and tattooing). Then something goes very wrong; you can tell because Chang starts breaking stuff. In other words, this is an arty clip that even Fred Durst (or Beavis) could enjoy. B+

Six Days
  • Movie
  • 105 minutes