AUDITION Ryo Ishibashi (Ventura, unrated) Part revenge fantasy, B+ part indictment of society’s attitudes toward women, all good.

NAKED STATES Documentary (New Video, R) A spirited and soulful B+ snapshot of photographer Spencer Tunick’s nationwide exploration of nudity.

SPEED: FIVE STAR COLLECTION Keanu Reeves (Fox, R, DVD) This B+ whoop-de-do edition includes documentaries and engaging commentaries.


BIRTHDAY GIRL (Miramax, R) Nicole Kidman plays a Russian mail-order bride. Post-office employees everywhere rejoice.

IN THE BEDROOM (Miramax, R) Sissy Spacek and Tom Wilkinson give Oscar-nominated performances as grieving parents in Todd Field’s melancholy drama.

THE NEW GUY (Columbia TriStar, PG-13) Think Revenge of the Nerds meets Stir Crazy meets Grease 2. Go to jail, achieve high school popularity!

RETURN TO NEVERLAND (Walt Disney, G) In an animated sequel to 1953’s Peter Pan, it’s up to Peter to rescue Wendy’s cynical daughter Jane.

SHOWTIME (Warner, PG-13) Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy team up as mismatched cops doing time together for a TV reality show.