In Quest of the Dragon, Bruce Lee gets his butt kicked. That’s right — the legendary martial artist barely survives the assault on his good name by the designers of this kung fu fighting game. Quest flirts at giving players a three-dimensional world to explore, but in fact the entire game feels as if it were on rails. Players have limited directions in which to run. This would be an excusable flaw if the combat engine worked. Needless to say, it does not. Controls are clunky and sluggish to the point of being frustrating. Character models are uninspired and the animation between moves is awkward. Also, while the system by which new moves are acquired is a good one, the moves themselves are only sporadically satisfying to execute. THE ASSIST To the extent you can, be sure to explore the world thoroughly for hidden items. THE LAST SHOT Quest of the Dragon takes hold of a certain part of your anatomy in a kung fu grip. The Grade C- — Aaron Ruby

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