Are Brad Pitt and George Clooney ''overweight''? A recent Wall Street Journal article claims that some leading men are too big for their britches
George Clooney
Credit: George Clooney: Gregg DeGuire/

Talk about distorted body image. In a July 23 Wall Street Journal article, stars like George Clooney, Harrison Ford, and Brad Pitt were labeled ”overweight.” The WSJ was attempting to demonstrate the shortcomings of the Body Mass Index, a height-and weight-based formula used by physicians to measure fitness.Yet according to reps for the cited celebs, the stats, which the WSJ got from two websites, are off the scale. Some discrepancies are flattering — Pitt’s camp, for instance, says he is 5’11”, not 6′. But the weight listings didn’t go over so big with other actors’ reps. ”You can go look at those guys and see that it’s totally false,” says Paul Bloch of clients Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, who were listed as unpleasantly plump. According to Bloch, Stallone is closer to 175 pounds than 228, and Willis is about 160, not 211. ”Our intent was not to declare anyone overweight or obese,” says WSJ spokesperson Aaron Bedy about the fat flap, which he blamed on conflicting information. ”Instead, we wanted to show readers how some well-known Americans measured up.” And up and up.