Having trouble understanding the language of ''Sex and the City''? Not to worry. With our handy A to Z guide, you can master the lingo of the hit HBO show in no time
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Anorexia — the condition Carrie accuses Miranda ”Your breasts are huge!” Hobbes’ newborn, Brady, of having after he refuses to breastfeed

Blahniks — The credit card-busting pumps Carrie wears to worship at the altar of Manolo

Convenient Theories For You Monthly — the magazine that Miranda charges Charlotte with reading after she spouts heart-numbing nuggets of bleakness such as ”You’re only allowed two great loves”

Dime Store Camille Paglia — What Miranda calls Samantha after she dishes out truisms on sex (i.e., ”Men give and women receive; it’s biological destiny.”)

Ecstasy — the drug that induces a whacked-out Samantha to proclaim to Richard (James Remar) — mid-climax — that she loves him; she later regrets saying it… sort of.

Fleet Week — Carrie and the girls’ favorite holiday when hunky seamen dock in New York and ”our city is made even fairer by cute, sweet American sailors looking for fun”

Gay Straight Man — A breed of New York men spawned by ”overexposure to fashion, exotic cuisine, musical theater, and antique furniture”

”Hope that F—er Doesn’t Break My Heart Again” Diamond — What Samantha names the paper-weight-worthy gem that Richard gives her to woo her back

”I’m not getting laid, therefore I’m getting laid off” — The reason a paranoid Carrie thinks her editor, who never calls, phoned her after she gets a bad case of writer’s block and winds up writing about French fries instead of sex

Jimmy Choo — Carrie’s other shoe god

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