Mel Gibson plans movie on the life of Christ. The ''Signs'' star will produce and possibly direct the film and wants ''Angel Eyes''' Jim Caviezel to star

Having struggled with his faith as the haunted preacher in ”Signs,” Mel Gibson is ready to tackle another faith-inspired project. Variety reports that Gibson wants to produce a movie called ”Passion,” based on the life of Jesus Christ, and that he’s talked to fellow devout Catholic Jim Caviezel (”Angel Eyes”) about taking the lead role.

Gibson may direct as well as produce the movie, but he hasn’t decided yet, Variety reports, and no studio has signed on to distribute the film. However, Avennire, the national Catholic newspaper of Italy, has reported that Gibson has been scouting locations in Italy that resemble first-century Palestine, and that he’s been consulting with top theologians about the project.

Gibson recently back-burnered another ancient-world epic, a proposed HBO miniseries about Alexander the Great. Caviezel, who’ll next be seen in October’s boat-race drama ”Madison,” is scheduled to start production next week on the revenge-and-racing drama ”Highwaymen.”