Get ready for ''American Idol: The Movie.'' Producer Simon Fuller says he's shopping a movie musical that would star the pop competition's winner and runner-up

By Gary Susman
Updated August 06, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT
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So far, no one’s been critiquing the ”American Idol” contestants on their acting skills, much less looking for them. But whoever the last two finalists are, they’d better learn quick. ”Idol” producer Simon Fuller tells the Los Angeles Times he’s shopping a movie project around to Hollywood studios that would be a musical starring the ”Idol” winner and runner-up. He says the movie would be ”a very modern story,” set during what Brits call the ”Gap Year,” the time between college graduation and employment. (In America, chaps, it means the time after college you’re forced to spend working at The Gap, and it can last well over a year.)

The final twosome will already have a lot on their plates. A single by the winner is supposed to hit stores within three weeks of the contest finale on Sept. 4. The runner-up will also record the same song and will appear on a compilation album of the initial 10 finalists due in October. The winner’s album is supposed to be out by December. And Fuller wants the movie to hit theaters around May or June, to coincide with the climax of Fox’s next season of ”Idol.”

By then, will anyone even remember who won? Depends on how the recordings fare, but the example set by the original British show’s winners is hopeful. Winner Will Young and runner-up Gareth Gates have both become pop stars in England.

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