Here's who will win ''Mole 2.'' Our money's on Dorothy, and Bill has got to be the Mole
The Mole

Here’s who will win ”Mole 2”

They came, they saw, they got cancelled. Although ABC originally canned ”Mole 2: The Next Betrayal” last Fall after three episodes, the network was kind enough to bring it back this summer. Now, almost a full year after the show originally began, we finally have closure. Tuesday night at 9 p.m. we find out who wins, who loses, and who is that dastardly Mole. Here are our picks for each.


Don’t let that last charity gift where he agreed not to read the Mole’s dossier in exchange for an extra $100,000 fool you. He was in a tricky spot: If he had declined the offer, it would have been too obvious that the retired Rear Admiral was really the Mole. By adding money to the pot, he threw one last curveball at the contestants (not to mention us viewers).

The reason why Bill is the Mole is because the producers’ design is to have it be the person you would LEAST suspect, and after hyperactive Katie (who is long gone), that would be Bill. He was a good choice, because when he sucked at competitions (how long did he last treading water — eight minutes?) he could just blame it on being old. Also, not only did he choose to lose the taking-turns-hitting-the-ball-at-5-in-the-morning game (sorry, I don’t know how else to describe it), but his whole crashing on the bike with the greased gnome thing seemed pretty staged.

That fact that he wasn’t subjected to spending a night in ”Anderson’s funhouse” sealed it. No way they make The Mole get in a cage with nasty insects or share a room with a snake. Bill was back at the hotel chilling with a cocktail, doing whatever Moles do, which is most likely staring at oneself in the mirror while saying, ”I’m the Mole. Cool!”


Okay, we know Heather’s not the Mole because she looks practically identical to last year’s Mole, Kathryn. No way producers go with two boring brunettes in a row. So that means Heather is either the winner or loser, and the guess here is that anyone as emotionally unstable as Heather doesn’t have what it takes to ace the final quiz.

First, she almost had a meltdown when not getting the exemption during the funky collect-the-red-Mole-thumbprints-outside-the-castle game (once again, what would you call it?), and then she completely LOST IT during the final competition, sobbing because she was lost and begging the cameras to shut off before getting the bejeezus scared out of her by a dog. She ended up quitting that game, and no one likes a quitter. (Well, maybe the Mole does, but that’s because it means he’s doing his job. Otherwise, I’ve found quitters to usually be frowned upon.)

How will Heather handle the pressure of the final quiz? It says here she won’t.


Dorothy wins by simple process of elimination, although maybe that’s selling her short. After all, any woman who wears a sweatshirt with cat ears on the hood is okay by me.

She formed an alliance with Heather early on, and while on one hand I doubt how much Ms. Weeping Willow could’ve actually helped her, it’s always important to have an extra set of eyes and ears when you’re being asked ridiculous questions like how many squares of toilet paper the Mole used of his last trip to the bathroom. Coverage is key, so the ability to double up all that info definitely helped Dorothy and Heather get to this point.

Dorothy also proved her worth in the competitions, most notably that wacky brain teaser one early on. The woman’s got smarts, and that’s what will enable her to walk away victorious… if you consider winning a game show already cancelled once, and then finally brought back to go against the reality television steamroller that is ”American Idol” a victory. Hey, money is money, and our money is on Dorothy.

The Mole
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