Tommy Lee plans to remarry, despite Pam ''mistake.'' The ex-Motley Crue drummer says he's engaged to Mayte, Prince's ex, but doesn't want to rush into marriage, as he did with Pamela Anderson

By Gary Susman
Updated August 02, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT
Mayte & Lee: Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect

Given the bitterness of Tommy Lee’s divorce from Pamela Anderson — each has called the other an unfit parent, and she’s accused him of infecting her with incurable hepatitis C, a disease he denies he has — it’s no wonder the ex-Motley Crue drummer wants to do things differently next time. He says he has a new fiancée — it’s Prince protege (and ex-wife) Mayte — but he’s not about to rush into marriage, the way he did with Anderson. ”I’m actually engaged,” he tells ”But I’m going to take my time, dude. I’ve been seeing Mayte for like a year, over a year. And I’m not rushing anything. She’s super, super sweet, super mellow, no drama, Puerto Rican girl who’s just absolutely, f–kin’ lovely. Slow dude, slow.”

Lee, who’s touring this month to support his new solo release, ”Never a Dull Moment,” did not take it slow when he married ”Baywatch” babe Anderson in a barefoot beach wedding just days after they met. ”Getting married in four days was the biggest f—in’ mistake I’ve ever made,” Lee says. ”I have two beautiful kids, but that was retarded, OK? That was stupid. How can you know somebody in four days?… Bonehead.” Let’s just hope that when Lee and Mayte do finally tie the knot, they remember not to bring the video camera along on the honeymoon.