''Greek Wedding'': Is Windex a wonder drug? Does the household cleaner hold miracle cures?
Michael Constantine, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Credit: My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Sophie Giraud

Q In ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” dad Michael Constantine uses Windex to cure ills ”from psoriasis to poison ivy.” Is it a wonder drug?

A Clearly not. The ammonia-based cleaner is ”extremely caustic,” says NYU dermatology prof Darrell Rigel. SC Johnson rep Therese Van Ryne doesn’t recommend it for ”human surfaces,” but she notes a slight sales bump since the surprise plug. ”Wedding” star-scribe Nia Vardalos was Win-spired: ”In old-world Greek tradition, you don’t use the proper medicine for a corresponding ailment. My dad accidentally got Windex on a wart and it started to dry out, so he started using it for everything.”

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