Rolling Stones issue first 40-year career retrospective. On the eve of their tour, the Stones will release ''Forty Licks,'' the first collection to include hits from both the '60s and later years

The Rolling Stones really, really like the number 40. On Sept. 3, they launch a 40-date (so far) tour to celebrate their 40 years as a band. On Oct. 1, they'll release "Forty Licks" (Virgin), a two-disc greatest hits collection that contains 40 tracks. Of course, the Stones have released a number of hits collections before, but this is the first one that unites their '60s classics, the rights to which are held by ex-manager Allen Klein, with their latter-day tunes.

"Licks" will include all the warhorses you might expect ("Satisfaction," "Brown Sugar," "Miss You"), as well as four new songs: "Keys to Your Love," "Stealing My Heart," "Losing My Touch" (sung by Keith Richards), and the new single, "Don't Stop." Variety reports that the album will be marketed less toward nostalgic boomer collectors than toward the general or new fan looking for a basic, catch-all, essential Stones collection, much like the Beatles' recent anthology "1," which sold 8.3 million copies.

Stones completists should not feel left out, however. Variety reports that Klein will also reissue, via Universal Music Group, the Stones' 13 1960s LPs on special compact discs that are coded in both Super Audio CD and standard CD formats. Those will be in stores by Aug. 27.