Priestley's manager says the actor will race again. The serious injuries he suffered in a pre-race crash on Sunday won't stop him from returning to the track, his racing manager says

If you had Jason Priestley’s driving record — which includes several crashes, one DUI-related, before the racetrack accident Sunday that put him in the hospital with several serious injuries — you might want to stay out off the driver’s seat and off the track for a while. But Jim Freudenberg, manager of the Kelley Racing team for which Priestley drives, believes that the former ”90210” star will battle his way back into racing. ”He’s a fighter, one of the toughest little guys I know,” Freudenberg tells the Associated Press. ”He doesn’t give up easily. If I’m going to keep him out of a race car, it’s going to be a fight. That’s just the way he is.”

Priestley, 32, crashed his car into both the inner and outer walls of the track on a Sparta, Ky. speedway during a pre-race practice on Sunday. He was airlifted to the University of Kentucky hospital in Lexington, where doctors treated him for a moderate concussion, a broken nose, a fractured thoracic vertebra, bruises and cuts on his face and neck, and fractures in both feet. On Monday, he was airlifted to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

”There are no signs of paralysis,” Dr. Scott Bjerke said Tuesday in a statement on the Kelley Racing website. He said he expects Priestley to remain hospitalized for the next 10 to 14 days, and that Priestley ”is currently in guarded condition but showing remarkable improvement. He is a strong-willed young man who is doing great.”

Priestley faces weeks of painful recovery. Doctors fitted him with a back brace on Monday and said that surgery will be necessary to repair the bones in his feet, though not in his spine. ”I’d say it’s going to be many weeks before he’s back up and doing some of the things that he likes to do,” Dr. Andrew Bernard told AP.