Nas snubs Jay-Z's pay-per-view rhyme challenge. The ''Illmatic'' rapper says that the real challenge should be in the marketplace in November, when both rivals release new discs

The always-entertaining feud between Jay-Z and Nas threatened to become even moreso this week, as Jigga issued a new challenge to his rival. MTV News reports that last week, while serving as a guest DJ on New York’s WQHT-FM (”Hot 97”), Jay-Z threw down the gauntlet, suggesting a poetry slam of sorts, a freestyle rhyme-off that would be broadcast on pay-per-view cable. He and Nas could each wager $1 million and have the winner give the proceeds to charity. The next day, Jay-Z returned to the airwaves and announced that Nas hadn’t responded to the challenge, but that Don King had already offered to organize the event.

Nas finally responded on Monday, saying the contest should be decided in record stores, not on TV. ”Pay-per-view is for wrestlers and boxers. I make records,” he told MTV. ”If Jay-Z wants to battle, he should drop his album the same day I do and let the people decide.” Currently, Jay-Z is scheduled to release ”The Blueprint 2: The Gift and The Curse” on Nov. 5, two weeks before Nas releases his newest, ”God’s Son.”

The beef that has been simmering between Jay-Z and Nas for years is only one of several involving the two rappers. In addition to dissing Jay-Z on his records, Nas has also recently gone after his partner in Roc-A-Fella Records, Damon Dash, as well as Roc-A-Fella artist Cam’ron, who returned the jibe in a track of his own. For his part, Jay-Z has disputed reports of an internal beef between himself and Dash, reports that are parodied in ”Death of a Dynasty,” the recently-wrapped Roc-A-Fella-produced movie, in which Cam’ron costars.