Kelly Osbourne plans ''Freaky'' film debut. The magenta-haired reality TV daughter may costar in Disney's ''Freaky Friday'' remake

It’s hard to imagine Kelly Osbourne appearing in a Disney movie, at least not unless she tones down her language. Still, the title of the fuschia-haired reality-TV daughter’s prospective film acting debut sounds right: ”Freaky Friday.” It’s a remake of the 1977 comedy about a girl (the teenage Jodie Foster) and her mom who magically switch bodies for one day.

Alas, the role Kelly’s in talks for is not the Foster part; that’s going to Lindsay Lohan, the girl who starred in another recent Disney remake, ”The Parent Trap.” (Annette Bening is playing the mom.) According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kelly would play the girl’s best friend, a role that will allow her to display the singing talent she recently revealed with her cover of Madonna’s ”Papa Don’t Preach.” She would also be expected to contribute a song to the movie soundtrack album, as she did for the ”Osbournes” record. No word on whether MTV will film her movie-set experiences for ”The Osbournes.”

While ”Friday” would mark her first major film role, it’s not technically Kelly’s movie debut. She and her family (papa Ozzy, mom Sharon, and brother Jack) can be seen in cameo roles as themselves in the current ”Austin Powers in Goldmember.”

Freaky Friday
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