Ailing Sharon sends Ozzy back out on the road. The metal matriarch, undergoing chemotherapy, decides that her squeamish husband would be better off if he cut short his sickbed vigil and returned to Ozzfest

It was certainly a loving gesture when Ozzy Osbourne decided last week to take a three-week break from headlining the Ozzfest tour to tend to his wife Sharon, who underwent her first chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer on Monday. But the procedure apparently proved too much for even the bat-biting rocker to stomach, so Sharon has decided it would be best if he’d cut short his vigil and return to the road.

”It seems that Ozzy may not be the Iron Man after all,” said the Osbournes’ publicist in a statement. ”After attending his wife Sharon’s first chemotherapy treatment, he nearly passed out and had to be taken to a recovery room. Sharon now realizes that Ozzy is better off on the road, so she’s shipped him back out to finish Ozzfest.”

Ozzy had left the tour after last Sunday’s concert in Atlanta, leaving System of a Down to headline in his place, and hadn’t intended to return until the Aug. 22 show in Denver. Now, the plan is for him to miss only two more concerts (Aug. 3 in Columbus, Ohio, and Aug. 4 in Cleveland) and return to the stage Aug. 7 in Clarkston, Mich. Then he’ll continue through the end of the tour in Dallas on Sept. 8.

The second season of ”The Osbournes,” complete with footage of Sharon’s chemotherapy, is set to air on MTV this fall. No word on whether MTV crews also captured Ozzy’s fainting spell.

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