Bon Jovi, Iglesias kick off NFL season in Times Square. The Jersey rockers and the balladeer will host a tailgate party for a New Year's Eve-sized crowd in Manhattan before the regular season's first game

Think of it as New Year’s Eve in September. Or think of it as an especially crowded episode of MTV’s ”TRL.” Or think of it as the world’s biggest pre-game tailgate party. It’s the blowout the NFL is planning to launch the football season this year, and it’ll be a concert before an expected 750,000 fans in New York City’s Times Square, featuring Bon Jovi and Enrique Iglesias.

According to published reports, the city will block off traffic for the show, which will air live on the afternoon of Sept. 5 on ”TRL.” As on New Year’s Eve, a giant ball will descend, but it’ll be in the shape of a football. Bon Jovi is expected to play the band’s new single, ”Everyday,” from forthcoming album ”Bounce,” then be flown via helicopter across the Hudson River to Giants Stadium in New Jersey, where the Jersey-based band will perform at the halftime show of the season’s first game, the New York Giants vs. the San Francisco 49ers. The game reportedly marks the first time that the regular season has kicked off on a Thursday.

In an interview with the New York Post, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy denied the previous day’s Post report that U2, the halftime act at the Super Bowl earlier this year, would also be on the bill. However, according to the Post, McCarthy left open the possibility that Bono might show up without the rest of his bandmates. After all, you haven’t heard him sing ”Beautiful Day” enough times lately.