Mini-Me answers 10 Stupid Questions. Verne Troyer, the actor behind the famous ''Austin Powers'' character, reveals his key to success at the Playboy Mansion and why ''Goldmember'' does it doggy style
Verne Troyer
Credit: Verne Troyer: Jeff Slocomb/Retna

Verne Troyer didn’t get his wish for a Mini-Foxxy Cleopatra. But he does return as Mini-Me in ”Austin Powers in Goldmember” and gets intimate (sort of) with the full-size Beyoncé Knowles. The 32-inch-tall ladies’ man — who’s also appeared such films as ”Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and ”Bubble Boy” — endures 10 stupid questions from

In the movie-within-the-movie in ”Goldmember,” Danny DeVito plays Mini-Me. Who would star in a Verne Troyer biopic?
Maybe a shrunken-down version of…Russell Crowe? Nah, Matt Damon. But he’s got to shave his head.

In the last movie, Mini-Me humped a laser, but in this one he humps Beyoncé’s leg. Was that a particularly grueling scene to shoot?
I wouldn’t necessarily say grueling, but I was very uncomfortable. Think about it: It’s like I’m being a dog. Obviously, Mini-Me’s a little horny.

When you did a recent in-store appearance at a Toys ‘R’ Us, did anyone try to buy you?
What are you getting at? Elaborate a little bit more.

Uh, that’s okay… Dr. Dre recently dissed Jermaine Dupri with the line: ”Mini-Me with a bunch of mini-yous, running around your backyard swimming pools.” Could you respond in a rap of your own?
No! I’m a good friend of both Jermaine Dupri and Dr. Dre, so there’s no comment on that.

Who’d win in a fight, Yoda or Mini-Me?
I can tell you directly, because Yoda’s not real. I would kick his ass.

Wait, Mini-Me’s not real either.
He’s more real than Yoda.

You were in a film titled ”The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald,” as well as ”My Giant,” ”Wishmaster,” and something called ”Pinocchio’s Revenge.” Which was the worst?
”Pinocchio’s Revenge” was pretty bad. I was basically a stunt double for a doll.

In ”Goldmember,” it’s suggested that your private parts are so large that you resemble a ”tripod.” That can’t hurt at the Playboy Mansion.
It’s kind of funny, because I’ve used that line before, and they kind of just threw it in, which was surprising. Maybe they heard me say it.

Mini-Me and Scott Evil have a tumultuous relationship, but do you and Seth Green ever experience sibling rivalry in real life?
When we were doing the press junket here in L.A., Seth just seemed to get on my nerves. When we were walking down the hall, he kicked me in the foot and basically tripped me. But I got him back later — I bit him.

And what does Seth taste like?
The other white meat.

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