Another ''Big Brother'' housemate has a DWI rap. Amy Crews' rap sheet includes driving while intoxicated, underage drinking, reckless driving, and other offenses
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The ”Big Brother” household was shaken, if not stirred, by the news that the producers’ screening process let through someone else with a drunk-driving charge in her past. A week after website The Smoking Gun revealed housemate Chiara Berti’s recent DUI arrest, the site unveiled the extensive rap sheet on housemate Amy Crews, whose fondness for wine and beer has been documented on camera during the reality show.

According to police and court records on display at the website, Crews was arrested in West Memphis, Ark. in February 1999 for driving while intoxicated after she rolled her car. She was 20 at the time, a few months shy of the legal drinking age in Arkansas. She pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charge and was sentenced with a one-year suspended jail term, a $1,000 fine, and required alcohol education classes.


The Crews news comes a week after the site revealed that contestant Chiara Berti had been arrested for drunk driving in California in May, during the ”Big Brother” audition process. (She’s due in court in September.) Last year’s cast also had someone with a drunk-driving record, Hardy Hill, as well as two other housemates with arrest records, notably, knife-wielding Justin Sebik. At the time, CBS was criticized for its lax screening process, but this year’s housemates seem no more trouble-free.

Contacted by The Smoking Gun, CBS spokesman Chris Ender gave the same response regarding both Berti and Crews, noting that neither contestant will be ”driving in the house.” Still, Crews’ on-camera drinking (she’s been shown downing other housemates’ wine and beer) has worried some of her fellow contestants. Tonya Paoni, recently voted out of the house, told Crews last week that she should enroll in Alcoholics Anonymous once she leaves ”Big Brother.”


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