Britney apologizes for flipping the bird -- Oops, I didn't mean to offend Mexican fans, the singer says
Britney Spears
Credit: Britney Spears: Carlos Castillo/Notimex Photo/CCO/ACE/Newscom

Maybe it’s because she’s not a girl, not yet a woman. Every time Britney Spears does something that contradicts her carefully maintained image, even ordinary behavior like smoking a cigarette or drinking Coke instead of Pepsi, she comes under fire. On Friday, Spears found herself apologizing to fans in Mexico for her latest outrage, being caught on camera Tuesday with an extended middle finger.

”I’m human too. I get mad like everyone else,” Reuters quoted her as saying. She said that the targets of her gesture, photographed as she left the airport in Toluca, outside Mexico City, were the aggressive paparazzi, who she said were driving recklessly around her car and nearly caused a collision. The finger was not for her Mexican fans, who she said, ”are so amazing.”

Spears was scheduled to close out her world tour on Saturday and Sunday at Mexico City’s Foro Sol stadium, whose capacity of 52,000 was to mark her biggest live audience to date, Reuters reported. No doubt they all flipped for her.