Supporting Actors Get Top Billing at

Forget Mike Myers. Who cares about Beyonce? When Austin Powers in Goldmember opens July 26, it’ll be Seth Green as creepy Scott Evil who’ll grab Lynn Jatania’s attention. Jatania is the creator of, and three years ago Green (right) inspired her very first ”Hey, Who Is That Guy?” column after she saw him in the skater flick Airborne. ”It was a terrible movie, but Seth was really cute,” she says. ”Good character actors can take crappy material and make it better.”

Since then, her site has honored more than 40 quirky but gifted supporting players, including John Turturro, Lili Taylor, Alan Tudyk, Brittany Murphy, and Bob Balaban. ”I started noticing the people who get billed fourth or fifth,” says Jatania, 31, a computer programmer in Ottawa. ”You know their faces, but you’re not really sure where you’ve seen them. I felt these talented actors were appearing in all these films and not getting much recognition.”

Besides a bio and filmography, each ”Guy” profile includes sidekick pix. Among the nuggets: a mind-blowing head shot of Victor Garber, Jennifer Garner’s father on ABC’s Alias, back when he played a frizzy-haired hippie Jesus in the 1973 movie musical Godspell. Is it really the same actor? Yep. ”Isn’t that hilarious?” says Jatania. ”It’s amazing what you can find on the Internet.”