Seagal producer's ally says the actor owes him, too. A production employee files an affidavit in support of Julius Nasso, the alleged extortionist who has sued Seagal for $60 million

Steven Seagal’s former producer Julius Nasso, who filed a $60 million breach-of-contract suit against the action star in March and was charged himself last month with trying to extort money from the actor on behalf of the Mafia, isn’t the only one who says Seagal owes him money. The New York Post reports that Ahnume Guerios, who says he worked for Seagal from 1998 until last month, filed an affidavit in Manhattan Supreme Court supporting Nasso’s lawsuit in which Guerios says the actor owes him thousands of dollars in back pay as well.

Guerios, who says he worked in pre-production for Seagal, claimed that the star had asked him to film 200 Brazilian Indians for use as extras in a movie that was ultimately never made, with Seagal allegedly scrapping the footage because he said the women were ”too fat.” He also said that Seagal planned a movie, also never made, called ”Blue Bayou,” which Guerios said would ”combine action and music, so that Seagal would be able to show his musical talent.”

Guerios filed his affidavit to counter a motion by Seagal to dismiss Nasso’s lawsuit, which claims that the actor backed out of deal to make four more movies after a Buddhist guru told him it would be bad karma to keep making violent movies. That hasn’t stopped Seagal from making films like last year’s ”Exit Wounds” or the upcoming ”Half Past Dead.” In fact, Guerios’ affidavit claims Seagal said that no less a Buddhist guru than the Dalai Lama told him to keep making such films so that he could continue to be famous enough to spread Buddhist values to ”an audience of billions.”

Last month, Nasso was arrested as part of a federal Mob sting and was charged with extorting money from Seagal on the orders of the Gambino crime family. Authorities said they had tapes of Nasso and a reputed Gambino crime boss discussing the scheme. Nasso has denied the charge and has called it Seagal’s attempt to evade the lawsuit.

As for Guerios’ charges, Seagal’s lawyer, Martin Perschetz, tells the Post they are ”pointless” and calls the affidavit a ”bizarre distortion” that is irrelevant to the actor’s motion to dismiss Nasso’s suit. He also said that the lawsuit itself was part of the Mob plot. ”The federal government has now charged, on the basis of tape-recorded evidence, that the lawsuit against Mr. Seagal is actually part of a criminal effort to extort money,” Perschetz said.