Me Without You


It’s her movie and she’ll settle scores if she wants to. British filmmaker Sandra Goldbacher charts three decades of a toxic friendship between sensitive, articulate, Jewish, progressively more attractive Holly (Dawson’s Creek’s Michelle Williams) and her cuter, wilder, progressively less appealing London next-door neighbor and best friend, Marina (British TV and film star Anna Friel); the relationship is complicated by the long-standing attraction between Holly and Marina’s cutie brother (Oliver Milburn). Approval and ultimate happiness are weighted so clearly in Holly’s favor (and at the expense of every other woman in the picture) that the game’s rigging becomes tiresome. But Williams and Friel throw themselves wholeheartedly into emotional fits of competitive sisterhood. And Goldbacher has fun decorating the playground with groovy musical, cultural, and fashion details of the madhouse 1970s and ’80s, including Trudie Styler as Marina’s too-swinging mother.

Me Without You
  • Movie
  • 107 minutes