Busta Rhymes, Bianca Kajlich, ...

Slasher movies have gotten so bad that the famous mask worn by Michael Myers — the one that makes him look like a rubbery Sid Vicious — is now more expressive than most of the young actors who play his murder meat. What can you say about Halloween: Resurrection, a horror sequel that’s maladroit enough to be a self-conscious ripoff of…”Blair Witch 2”?

A bedraggled-looking Jamie Lee Curtis makes a token appearance during the prelude, after which a handful of college students spend a night searching for clues in the original ”Halloween” house, which has been rigged with video surveillance cameras that broadcast their couplings, and dispatchings, live on the Internet. As visions of fear go, the grainy electromagnetic images of the usual stabbings feel very three years ago. Busta Rhymes, as the cyber-filmmaker in charge of the proceedings, keeps smirking about the art of ”dangertainment.” ”Halloween: Resurrection” comes closer to comatainment.

Halloween: Resurrection
  • Movie
  • 89 minutes