Look Who’s on The Couch This Week (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

DAVID LETTERMAN MONDAY Haley Joel Osment, author Bill Scheft, musical guest Dashboard Confessional TUESDAY Musical guest Kinky WEDNESDAY Dana Carvey THURSDAY Musical guests Weezer FRIDAY Comedian Tom Ryan

JAY LENO MONDAY Michael Caine, Tina Fey TUESDAY David Hyde Pierce, Beyonce Knowles WEDNESDAY Christian Slater THURSDAY Mike Myers, musical guest Jewel FRIDAY Antonio Banderas, musical guests Goo Goo Dolls

CONAN O’BRIEN MONDAY Ethan Hawke, Dave Chappelle, Anthony Bourdain (R) TUESDAY Tony Danza, Jim Breuer, Dr. Michael Baden WEDNESDAY Sigourney Weaver, Rich Hall THURSDAY Martin Lawrence, musical guests Los Lobos

CRAIG KILBORN MONDAY Musical guest Chris Isaak TUESDAY Robert Wagner, tennis star Andy Roddick WEDNESDAY William Shatner THURSDAY Natasha Henstridge FRIDAY David Arquette, Mindy Sterling, musical guest Tweet

CARSON DALY TUESDAY Natasha Henstridge, Pete Rose WEDNESDAY Jennifer Esposito, Nelly, Rick Fox THURSDAY David Arquette, Kylie Minogue

ROSIE O’DONNELL MONDAY Matt Damon, Robin Tunney (R) TUESDAY Michael J. Fox (R) WEDNESDAY Richard Gere (R) THURSDAY Britney Spears, Dylan McDermott (R) FRIDAY Rob Lowe (R)