If Evel Knievel, the guys from MTV’s Jackass, and the motocross racing league got together and created a game, the result would likely be this fast-paced motorcycle racer with a focus on extreme stunts. In what’s essentially the snowboarding game SSX Tricky on dirt, players throttle through six peculiar and rugged courses, such as a neon-filled Vegas-like city and a hedgerow maze lined with gnome statues. Winning is important, but the twist comes from the need to pull off tricks to earn engine-boost power. Tricks range from mundane air jumps to gravity-defying flips accompanied by spine-bending body contortions. But be warned: Even with your best stuff on display, the absence of an adjustable difficulty setting makes the ”Circuit” mode a real challenge. THE ASSIST If you get frustrated trying to advance in Circuit mode, unlock all the tracks, bikes, and racers with the code LOKSMITH. THE LAST SHOT With a great two-player head-to-head mode and 100 over-the-top stunts to perform, this makes regular motocross games look downright dull by comparison. THE GRADE