The Meadow

Alexandra Fuller recommends The Meadow by James Galvin.

I will never be without a copy of Galvin’s…fictional memoir The Meadow. This is a story of the love for land and in particular, the passion for a windblown patch of snow-driven earth somewhere west of winter (on the Colorado/Wyoming border). Galvin brings us the men and women who people this landscape with story-round-a-campfire ease, so that I find myself crying, laughing, and cheering out loud (startles the horses a bit). Galvin has a poet’s eye for detail and a cowboy’s laconic turn of phrase; he’s never sentimental and always lyrical. And there’s…understated intelligence on every page. A must-have for every earth-bound, sky-gazing reader.

Alexandra Fuller is the author of Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood, published by Random House.

The Meadow
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