Celebs will live like a family on ''Surreal World.'' The WB will gather a motley group of personalities in a house to see what happens when stars stop being polite and start being real

If you saw those recent Lipton Sizzle & Stir commercials, which featured hodgepodge groups of celebrities (George Hamilton, Little Richard, Sally Jessy Raphael, Pat Morita) pretending to be a bickering family cooking dinner, and you thought they looked like scenes from a potentially hilarious sitcom, you’re not alone. Inspired by those ads, the WB has made a deal for six episodes of a reality series that will force such a group of eight famous folks to live together under one roof. In a reference to the MTV show that does the same thing with young unknowns, the show will be called ”The Surreal World.”

Producers say they hope to get a multigenerational group of familiar faces to live together for two weeks in a house in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. While they can come and go as they please, they’ll be required to interact with each other and do household chores. (Think ”The Osbournes” more than ”Big Brother.”) ”Our intent is to make you feel like you’re really watching a sitcom,” producer Mark Cronin of Mindless Entertainment (insert your own joke here) tells Variety. ”We’re going to create a surreal family environment, and the fun will be [the celebrities] trying to deal with everyday life with each other — sharing bathrooms and cooking dinner for each other,” he tells the Hollywood Reporter.

Cronin wouldn’t say who the housemates will be, only that producers have approached various ”American pop icons,” such as musicians and former sitcom stars. The show could air as soon as this fall.