The Rock may star as ''Spy Hunter.'' Universal buys the rights to the venerable video game as a vehicle for the studio's ''Scorpion King'' star

Spy Hunter

It’s hard to smell what The Rock is cooking nowadays, since the wrestler/actor has so much on his plate. In at least the third movie deal announced for him in the last month, Variety reports that Universal has purchased the rights to the video game ”Spy Hunter” in the hopes of turning it into the Rock’s next action franchise.

”Spy Hunter,” based on a PlayStation 2 and X-Box game that has existed since 1983, when it was an arcade attraction, would star the Rock as an ex-fighter pilot who uses a morphing vehicle to pursue spies and assassins in similarly high-tech rides. It would mark the second Universal franchise for the artist formerly known as Dwayne Johnson, who also stars as ”The Scorpion King” for the studio. Plus, he’s scheduled to film a starring role in the action comedy ”Helldorado” with Seann William Scott and Christopher Walken this fall for Universal.

Whether ”Spy Hunter” would be his next movie after that is uncertain, since he also has two recently announced projects in the pipeline at Columbia: the biopic of Hawaiian hero King Kamehameha and an action comedy inspired by Harrison Ford’s ”Witness.” When is the guy supposed to find time to wrestle?

Spy Hunter
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