Mystikal's videotape of alleged rape is seized. Police say the rapper and his associates videotaped the July 3 incident, but the suspects' lawyers say the sex was consensual

R. Kelly may not be the only musician who allegedly videotaped himself committing a sex crime. MTV reports that Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police revealed over the weekend that they have seized a videotape of Mystikal and two associates allegedly gang-raping a woman on July 3, an incident for which the three men have been charged with aggravated rape and extortion.

The police account says that Mystikal (real name: Michael Tyler) invited his 40-year-old hairdresser to his home on July 3 to braid his hair, but when she arrived, he accused her of cashing a check drawn on the rapper’s account without his authorization. He allegedly threatened to turn her over to the police unless she performed oral sex on him. During the act, police say, he phoned associates Leland Ellis and Vercy Carter and summoned them to the house. Ellis allegedly filmed Mystikal having sex with the woman, and Ellis and Carter’s sex acts with the woman were also taped. She called police the next day, and a search of the rapper’s home turned up a video camera and a safe, in which police say they found the videotape.

On July 9, the day that detectives opened the safe, Gary Harvey, the ”Shake Ya Ass” rapper’s attorney, sent them an affidavit in which she affirmed that the sex acts she engaged in with the three men were consensual. However, police say she met with them the next day, saying she was confused and felt pressured by Harvey when she signed the affidavit, and still wanted to press charges. The men turned themselves in to the authorities on July 18. Mystikal was released on $250,000 bond; bond has not been set for Ellis and Carter.

If convicted, the rapper faces a mandatory life sentence for the aggravated rape charge and a 15-year sentence for the extortion charge. But Michael Guy, Harvey’s co-counsel, issued a statement on Friday asserting his client’s innocence. ”I am extremely confident that [Mystikal] will be exonerated of all charges that are currently pending against him,” he said, adding that the rapper intends to keep making personal appearances as scheduled throughout July and August. An arraignment will take place in four to six weeks, the Baton Rouge District Attorney’s office tells MTV.