The dish on the season debut -- Carrie is confident and beautiful, Charlotte is becoming a bad girl, and Samantha may be heading down the aisle, says Jessica Shaw
Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City
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The dish on the season debut

The new ”Sex and the City” season is finally here. And the first episode was all about weather. Erratic wind, blissful sun, and the overall unpredictability of the seasons.

In some ways, this series has been as unpredictable as a New York summer. Some episodes leave us teary-eyed and quoting lines to our girlfriends throughout the week. Others send us to seek shelter in the form of another show (”Alias” comes to mind). In fact, last season ended on a bit of a drizzly note and I, for one, was a bit nervous for this season. But last night’s episode was a full, glorious rainbow of a half hour.

First of all, Carrie could not have looked more stunning. Those extra pregnancy pounds have filled out Sarah Jessica’s face to major hottie proportions. It was the confident Carrie we knew and loved from seasons back before storm clouds Aidan and Big entered the scene.

Her ”sushi” and ”manthrax” lines were priceless. (I would explain further, but it is a family website we’re running over here.) One thing that upset me a little was Carrie’s treatment of Miranda. Sure, her breast-feeding breasts may have looked a little…large, but hello, it’s called sisterhood.

As for Miranda, motherhood is suiting her character and I, for one, am looking forward to a season of Brady mishaps and Samantha confrontations about post-birthing sex. I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but why can’t Miranda and Steve get back together? He’s so deliciously sensitive and adorable, and, well, he saved Brady’s belly button! Doesn’t that erase all of his other sins?

Speaking of sinning, Charlotte seems to be ready to turn in her good girl image for good. The look of horror on her face when she flashed that sailor one breast was flawless. She was certainly unnerved, but in that way that you know she’s preparing to flash a lot more men in the near future. From rumors I’ve heard, she’s going to get involved with a non-WASP. Didn’t we recommend that last year? Good to know the writers are reading this column.

I’ve also heard rumors that Samantha is headed toward the altar. My better judgment tells me not to trust Richard, but he did seem repentant — and as we know, no matter how destructive a tornado can be, there’s always a sunny day around the corner. Here’s to a glorious season!

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