Who will be the next ''Osbournes''? EW.com rates the stars currently angling for their own reality TV shows
Anna Nicole Smith
Credit: Anna Nicole Smith: Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

Here come the copycats: In the wake of MTV’s surprise hit ”The Osbournes,” it seems every celebrity in town is shopping a reality TV show concept. Here’s EW.com’s take on the promising, the disturbing, and the downright unwatchable.

WHO Anna Nicole Smith
STATUS E! Television will begin airing Smith’s weekly half-hour on Aug. 4.
WHY WE’D WATCH Women can feel superior to the infamously vapid former stripper; guys can enjoy the view.
WHY WE’D TUNE OUT After seeing her dimwitted babbling on ”Larry King,” a half-hour may be 29 minutes too long.
WHAT WE’D LIKE TO SEE Smith seen, but not heard.

WHO Liza Minnelli and David Gest
STATUS The couple is reportedly in talks for a reality show on VH1.
WHY WE’D WATCH Let’s admit it — we’re intensely curious about the details of Liza and David’s passionate love life.
WHY WE’D TUNE OUT There’s a chance we might have to hear Liza sing.
WHAT WE’D LIKE TO SEEPals Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor stopping by for a brew.

WHO Kato Kaelin
STATUS His series ”Houseguest,” in which he crashes at the homes of random families, has been picked up by a soon-to-be-announced network.
WHY WE’D WATCH The show may reveal handy tips on getting rid of uninvited guests.
WHY WE’D TUNE OUT It’s Kato Kaelin.
WHAT WE’D LIKE TO SEE A sleepover at O.J. Simpson’s house.

WHO Cybill Shepherd
STATUS She told the New York Times she’d like to do a show that’s ”a combination of ‘Sex and the City’ meets ‘Sunset Boulevard.”’
WHY WE’D TUNE OUT How much more reality can we stand from the woman who redefined ”too much information” on ”Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”?
WHAT WE’D LIKE TO SEE The episode where Cybill gets canceled.

WHO Sean ”P. Diddy” Combs
STATUS The former Puff Daddy will have MTV tape his every move while he searches for new talent; a show will air this fall.
WHY WE’D WATCH With Combs’ lifestyle, this could be like ”Cops” with better clothes.
WHY WE’D TUNE OUT Do we really need to hear him go on and on about inventing the remix?
WHAT WE’D LIKE TO SEE Those conversations between Combs and recently separated J. Lo.

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