By William Stevenson
Updated July 19, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

STORYTELLING John Goodman, Selma Blair (2001, New Line, 87 mins., R, also on DVD) In his latest film, as in the far more entertaining Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness, director Todd Solondz aims to make the audience uncomfortable. The first half, ”Fiction,” satirizes creative-writing classes and collegiate political correctness; the second half, ”Non-Fiction,” mocks documentary filmmaking and suburban values, which are embodied by overfed, overdemanding dad Marty Livingston (Goodman) and his subservient wife (Julie Hagerty). Although there are glimmers of Solondz’s dark humor and a few genuinely shocking moments — one of which involves the N-word — Storytelling drags more often than it disturbs.