In Phantom Menace, Gungans are an isolationist tribe who warily go to war only at the urging of Amidala. But in Battlegrounds, they’re capable of destroying Imperial Stormtroopers, Wookiees, and five other classic Star Wars civilizations. Recovering Age of Empires players will intuitively take to the gameplay of Battlegrounds, which requires you to breed workers who’ll build your troop centers, Jedi temples, and spaceports. And you’ll need to wisely manage every resource to rout the ferocious Berserkers and Probots. There’s also an objective-based Campaign mode — build 20 mech destroyers before the Empire decimates your troops! — that lets you engage in battles based on Star Wars films. THE ASSIST Type ”SIMONSAYS” in the chat window during a standard game to unleash Simon the Killer Ewok on your opponents. Seriously. THE LAST SHOT It would be easy to dismiss Battlegrounds as Age of Empires with a Star Wars skin graft, but the game’s scope and pace make up for the cartoonish graphics. Plus, it’s the only place you’ll see Trade Federation turncoats get slaughtered by Chewbacca’s cousins.