On-set adventures of a ''Sex and the City'' baby -- Dante, one of six infants playing Miranda's son, gets a perfumed head, a finger in the mouth, and Sarah Jessica Parker's fleeting affection
Sex and the City
Credit: Dante Newhall: Geraldine Pierson

There’s a hot new babe on ”Sex and the City” this season — make that a cute new baby. Photographer Alex Newhall’s 5-week-old son Dante was one of six infants cast to play Miranda’s (Cynthia Nixon) tot, Brady. EW asked proud mama Newhall to keep a diary of Dante’s acting adventures with HBO’s leading ladies:

March 14, 7:30 p.m. They’re shooting Brady’s baptism. Between takes, Sarah Jessica Parker coos over the somnolent baby in her arms. Dante can only work until 8 p.m., and if he starts crying, it’s all over; they’ve already shot close-ups, so they can’t substitute another baby now. Sleep, Dante, sleep! When the shot is finished, Alice (Baby Wrangler No. 1) takes Dante from Parker and brings him to me. His head reeks of perfume!

March 22, 3:30 p.m. Halfway through filming a scene in the coffee shop, Dante wakes up hungry and disoriented. France (Baby Wrangler No. 2) pops a pacifier in his mouth; he rejects it and wails. To my horror, Cynthia slips her finger into his mouth. The trick works, but where has this finger been? Has it been sterilized lately?

April 1, 3:30 p.m. Lunch is called, so I park Dante’s stroller at the end of the table and sit down. SJP walks by, food in hand, smiling vaguely in our direction. I try to catch her eye, but clearly she does not recognize Dante. Earlier, the casting director said he was her favorite baby. Where did the love go? Sigh.

April 1, 5 p.m. During a scene in Miranda’s living room, Dante is supposed to suckle contentedly but instead cries through Carrie’s lines. Between takes, Alice tries to calm him. I follow her onto the set and suggest giving him a pacifier. Silence falls as everyone wonders where the hell I came from and who said I could speak. Ignoring me, Sarah Jessica Parker turns to Cynthia and says, ”This is Dante, right?” as though she’s disappointed.

”Yes, this is Dante.”

”Oh, well, what about the baby we used for the birth scene? Where’s that baby?”

She plays his godmother and now she’s asking for other babies?! Alice points out that Dante’s worked all he can for the day. I agree. As I push the stroller out of the studio, I glance down to find Dante awake, alert, and beaming up at me. Clearly, he’s ready to head back to the real world.

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