By EW Staff
Updated July 19, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Could it be that a messy divorce and some orthodontic work have made EW readers cancel their memberships in the Tom Tom club (#658, June 14)? Atlanta’s Robin Herrick says she thought she received Tiger Beat ”with a cute young stud in braces gracing the cover” until she realized ”that’s a seriously delusional 40-year-old Cruise. What’s next, a nose job?” Velvet Spicer of Rochester, N.Y., also lacks sympathy for the poor devil: ”The ‘obvious personal traumas he’s suffered’ must be so painful for him — the marriage he decided to end, the courtship of yet another beautiful, young costar…. I’d be happy to trade places with him.” Not so happy was Andrea Hansen of Dane, Wis., who disagrees with our DVD review of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: ”The fact that the movie/DVD is true to the book is the reason why so many fans think it’s great.” So much for reading between the lines.

Cruise in for a Bruisin’

Thank God for orthodontia! Tom was beginning to look a lot like Sigmund the Sea Monster! He’s a great actor, but the one tooth in the middle of his mouth was bugging me. O.M. BOX Durango, Colo.

THANKS, EW, for giving the average guy a huge confidence boost by having Tom Cruise on your cover with greasy hair, Green Goblin-esque eyes, braces, and an ’80s black leather jacket. If that wasn’t enough, Tom’s cover-story photo spread with fake kung fu poses was a laughable look to remember for years to come. Nicole was lucky to get out when she did! JOHN PEREZ Simi Valley, Calif.

Billy Club

Thanks for the update on the wonderful Billy Dee Williams (”Lando the Lost”)! I was one of the umpteen thousand fans in line to have my ”moment” at the recent Star Wars Celebration II in Indianapolis. It’s not really about the autograph — it’s about that moment when you get to say, ”You have made an impact on my life. Thank you.” I finally got my chance on the last day — and even though I’m sure he was tired and that he’d heard it many times before, he was gracious and kind. He was worth the long wait. LORI BENSON Independence, Mo.


I truly enjoyed your article on Winona Ryder (News & Notes). It was brutally honest. Ever since she appeared on Friends last year, I have been saying it is time to start referring to her as ”former child star Winona Ryder.” TED CRAIG Troy, Mich.

Tony, Where Art Thou?

I couldn’t help but notice that news of Portia de Rossi putting her apartment up for sale took up 17 lines of coverage while your recap of the Tony Awards merited a measly 14 (Monitor). I certainly don’t expect anything on the scale of your Oscar coverage, but it would be nice to see theater get more than just a cursory mention. Even the MTV Movie Awards got almost a full page (with pictures, even!). But then, I suppose the Tonys didn’t have the Osbournes. MARC HIRSH Somerville, Mass.

Pope and Glory

His Holiness Pope John Paul II chastised celebrities for wearing expensive cross jewelry because such jewelry is contrary to Christian ideals of poverty (Scout). You know, I’m pretty sure he didn’t get all of his embroidered robes at Kmart and that his rings didn’t come out of one of those stick-a-quarter-in-and-get-a-toy machines. KANE WATKINS Edmond, Okla.