Highly Evolved


Yes, they sound like Nirvana. And the Beatles. And, well, Nirvana. But what these audacious L.A.-based Aussies lack in originality they more than make up for in spirited execution. From the pummeling 93-second title track to the grungy comedown of “1969,” Evolved is derivative in the best way, and debunks any claims of silverchairesque charlatanism. In this case, teenage angst–and a good record collection–has paid off well. –BMR

I have heard the future, and it sounds like…Stone Temple Pilots? If advance rumblings are to be believed, the Vines are one of the best bands on the planet–Nirvana to the Hives’ Pearl Jam (or something like that). In fact, they’re a second-rate grunge retread whose album, a decade ago, would have been written off for what it is: boring and dreary. Now it’s being heralded as a classic? I think I’ll go listen to the new Mudhoney record instead. –RB

Highly Evolved
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