A burning question about ''24'' answered. Did Keifer Sutherland's wife really die in the season finale?

By William Keck
Updated July 19, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Q Did Kiefer Sutherland’s wife (Leslie Hope) die in ”24”’s May 21 season finale?

A Hope is dead — and bitter. ”Once they killed me,” she rants, ”the producers wouldn’t return my f — -ing calls.” The actress recalls ribbing a producer one night: ”’What are you doing here so late? You don’t actually work for a living like the rest of us?’ He waited, then escorted me off-set with his arm around me in that weird, icky way. I yelled back to the crew, as a joke, ‘Good night. I’m about to go get fired.’ Then…he said, ‘Yeah, we’re going to kill you.”’ There would be no resurrection: ”I didn’t know I was actually dead dead until one week before the [finale] aired.” Fox reps had no comment.

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